What does being an apron designer mean to me?

I was raised with bubbling pots and sputtering sauces simmering on stove tops. I have always appreciated the simple foods. Spaghetti and meat balls, ribs slathered in BBQ sauce, chili cheese dogs, sloppy joe sandwiches, greasy buttered popcorn, bacon. These traditional home-cooked meals have only one challenge to overcome. For years I would change shirts after every meal, spend too much time in restaurant bathrooms dabbing at stains, or tend to burns caused by splattering grease.

That is until I went back to my roots and learned the worlds oldest craft of sewing. I found canvas cloth made from organic cotton fields. In my opinion there is no such thing as too much quality when it comes to aprons. I consider the apron to be an extension of myself. It is the constant kitchen companion — ever vigilant against mess. My goal is to combine old world cooking tradition with modern fashion techniques to create an apron that speaks to you.

Each apron has a personality that complements the wearer. It tells a story that everyone can read immediately while you focus on cooking. The perfect apron is a stage to express yourself. Putting it on for the first time is like when rain turns into a rainbow. The Apron Expo was started to bring those stories into every cooks life.

We are apron-makers. We are storytellers.